Wallchain operates as DApp, that enables users to safely earn top market yield on EVM chains, via any wallet, with minimal effort. To operate DApp, a user can optionally personalize the autopilot algorithm to match taste and level of bullishness on the protocols to maximize points and airdrops rewards.

In addition to being a top-market APY, the process of managing the portfolio itself with Wallchain is a much easier way to operate in DeFi from a single place by saving a ton of time manually depositing and withdrawing on multiple interfaces and even on yield aggregators.

We save users time every day by automating yield generation


Account Setup

When the user connects their externally owned account (EOA) to the DApp, an account abstraction (AA) wallet is automatically deployed. The AA wallet is in user’s exclusive access and direct control. This wallet acts as the programmable between the user and all other protocols.


Asset Transfer

ZeroDev implementation of AA wallet is used as a basis for the initial transfer of assets from the user’s EOA wallet to the newly created AA wallet. This transfer is secured and ensures that the user’s funds are ready for yield generation.


Permissions Creation

A session key is created, which is essentially a programmable sub-key, enabling the Wallchain to automatically deposit and withdraw from pre-approved protocols. The session key is easily revocable, fine-grained and highly strict in what it allows Wallchain to do. An full list of permissions Wallchain would have can be seen in a json-based file in our repo


Yield and Rewards Generation

Assets are automatically deposited to the highest opportunity protocols, optimizing for APY and AirDrops. Yield continues to generate over time, optimizing the user’s returns without ongoing intervention.


Funds Withdrawal

Users can withdraw all funds (which may be split across many tokens and protocols) to their wallet with one click. Alternatively they can remove a portion of their funds as desired.

TLDR: Engage with Wallchain’s intent-based interface to set your yield parameters once, and watch as your investments grow autonomously. It’s yield generation, simplified.

Our system combines the web2-level UX and accessibility with the lucrative yield potentials of DeFi, setting a new standard for passive income, APY, and AirDrops management.