Capture MEV before mempool or OFA

Generalized backrunning for DeFi

What is MEV Profit Opportunity?

Many transactions initiated with DeFi protocols create profit opportunities. The opportunities are opaque and rarely seen by end users. Specialized bots called MEV bots find them and capture the value for users. More than $1.3B was captured this way.

What is Wallchain's role in MEV?

Wallchain integrates with DeFi protocols and helps capture these profits by eliminating malicious bots. The captured profits significantly increase DEX/Wallet revenue, provide cashback to users and reduce LVR by redistributing MEV to affected LPs.

Advantages of Wallchain technology

On top of MEV supply chain: we operate at the application-level to help users and protocols construct the right transactions before they’re signed. Wallchain reduces the need for Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), as the application itself formulates the appropriate function calls or transactions to fulfill the user's intent. We extract MEV before any OFA, RPCs, sequencers, validators etc. This is critically beneficial for searchers. If you want to search on our transactions, please DM.
Multichain Adaptability: Our protocol-level solution allows for easy deployment across EVM chains, be it L1, L2, or L3.
Cost-Effectiveness: Our operational efficiency is one of our standout features. By focusing on transaction-level operations and avoiding interactions with external validators, we eliminate the need for extra gas/bribe payment. Here is a detailed example where Wallchain extracted $1,267 in MEV by paying only $0.46 and 0 bribes.
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