Wallchain is a highly customizable yield-restaking aggregator with top market APY, automated re-balancing, diversification and emergency withdrawals. Some users describe Wallchain as a personalized automated onchain fund manager.

Not an LRT, LST, ERC-4626 or any other bonding/vault token

To start earning with Wallchain, you don’t need to get any Wallchain token to represent your position. In fact, that’s one of the problems we’re addressing. There are so many LRTs, LSTs and Vaults that it’s practically impossible to keep track of them all. Wallchain does this for you using Account Abstraction’s permissions and automations.

What does Wallchain bring?

Active Asset Management

Wallchain re-balances and diversifies user assets within a pre-approved list of yield protocols. This happens periodically, every few days, eliminating the need for constant market research to find the best opportunities. Optimization strategy is based on APY, TVL, market sentiment, airdrop opportunities, risk scores, and more. Users have the flexibility to adjust risk and priority scores, influencing their diversification strategy.

Emergency Withdrawals

In case of meaninfull on socials, significant TVL drop or a signal of possible compromise, Wallchain automatically withdraws all user funds from this specific yield protocol back to their wallets. You can also set a depeg percentage at which you want all your funds to be withdrawn from the depegged protocol.

1-click UX Enabled with Account Abstraction

A single button to ape into hottest yield protocols. A single button to withdraw all your funds from all protocols. To deposit you only need to sign Account Abstraction permissions once. It will be used to automatically deposit your assets for you, every time you don’t use them for 1 hour.