Wallchain Multichain Extension

Wallchain - The most used MEV-Rebate solution for EVM chains


Automatically detect MEV before you send a transaction. Catch it before a bot does.
Wallchain gives money back to Web3 users that would have otherwise gone to bots.
When you swap on DEX, most likely, an arbitrage or sandwich bot takes some of your money.
Wallchain has helped users to keep their money on more than 22,000 occasions to date.

How it works

Install Wallchain Chrome Extension from the official Google Store by clicking here.
Make Sure Wallchain Extension is enabled
Wallchain works under the hood, so you don't even need to press the Wallchain extension icon unless you want to join our community and share your MEV rebate achievements.
Once you've initialized a swap on any DEX you choose, Wallchain will automatically analyze your transaction for MEV opportunities.
Wallchain uses its own unique arbitrage strategies, which are constantly being improved and extended.
Once we find any, we will show you a pop-up and ask if you want to capture it.
Your transaction will then be slightly updated and sent back to you. To allow the transaction to be updated, go to Metamask and Sign.
The MEV will be captured and sent to you in the same user transaction as soon as you have approved the swap transaction in the Metamask.

Watch a Demo