User Awareness

Explanation of Wallchain solution. Learn about extracting additional profit off User transactions and giving protecting User transaction from externsl Bots.

What is Wallchain?

Wallchain is a tool designed to protect users from external MEV attacks. Wallchain applies the most cost-effective MEV strategies to outcompete bots and ensure MEV opportunities are used to extract value returned to users as cashback.

What makes Wallchain unique?

The majority of the MEV solutions that exist today are bot providers. This means they develop scripts that users can use to extract value from other users' transactions. On the face of it, this opens up additional opportunities, but the reality is that this space is highly competitive and risky, especially for new entrants and single payers. Wallchain partners with Protocols to protect their users against malicious activity. In return, when an MEV opportunity arises, users receive cash back from their transactions. By being integrated at the highest level, Wallchain protects users from MEV attacks and guarantees that you will extract additional value from your transactions.

Why is Wallchain more cost-effective than other solutions

Wallchain doesn't interact with validators. It is independent of external parties such as searchers. Wallchain operates at the level of the transaction. Here are the most important points to explain the efficiency that Wallchain offers:
  1. 1.
    90% less gas cost
  2. 2.
    Blockchain agnostic
  3. 3.
    Avoid paying 45% extra to validators and searchers

Do I receive cashback from every transaction?

With the Wallchain tool in place, you are guaranteed to receive cash back from those transactions that provide MEV opportunities. Wallchain applies the most cost-effective and complex strategies to find these opportunities for You.

What this cashback comes from?

Cashback is a value extracted from the MEV activity Wallchain performs on your transactions.

Who pays for additional MEV transactions?

When an MEV opportunity arises, Wallchain automatically defines it and initiates additional transactions to extract value from that opportunity. Transaction costs are paid from the user account. Once these transactions are executed, the user will receive cashback in his wallet.

Can the cost of transactions exceed the profit?

Wallchain's strategies and high-level analysis algorithms guarantee a profit on the result. The amount of profit may vary from opportunity to opportunity, but Wallchain will process each specific trade you make in order to define and execute its strategy successfully.