Wallchain’s Advantages: Business & Handling

Centralized yield solutions offer platforms in conjunction with their own lending, staking, and trading services. Reduced yield optimization and governance autonomy are risks when yield strategies are centrally controlled with vested interests in a company’s own services. Large ecosystems with intertwined applications weaken user control over their own yield strategies and decrease versatility. Many large providers in DeFi have deals with government entities or B2B partnerships which sway the ecosystem in ways that impact transaction opportunities. Finally, DeFi users are relegated to strategies offered by the aggregator and their performance conditions.

Wallchain’s solution is, itself, independent and geopolitically unshackled. Wallchain offers NYA without entangling other services. A user can switch between curated protocols at will. Because Wallchain only mediates permissions for a catalogue of existing protocols, users have more freedom and flexibility to gain yield in the way they want.



  • Centralized services can reduce custodial autonomy. Withdrawing a user’s funds is dependent on the platform’s policies and affected by economics, staking pool lock-ups, or more. Financial management is difficult as different strategy options come with their own risks and returns. Strategies are also designed and deployed by the aggregator, limiting their use-case. With low transparency of operation, a user cannot assess risks and opportunities and adjust their strategy. With centralized aggregators, various fees are also common, such as performance fees, maintenance fees, withdrawal fees, and even funds management fees. As more participants are introduced to their service, yield can be diluted for the average account.

Wallchain’s Profit Innovation


Native Yield Abstraction (NYA)

Wallchain’s NYA optimizes yield via automated decisions within the user wallet. Opportunities are constantly monitored in tandem with automatic account portfolio rebalancing to choose the optimum yield prospect. Additionally, a user can choose the protocol that best fits their purpose according to their chosen conditions.


Maximized Profits

Profits are maximized whilst reducing risk by analyzing across a host of parameters, such as gas fees, protocol security, transaction volume, trust, and more.


Automatic Fund Withdrawal

Funds withdrawal is automatic and can be manually moved into a user’s EOA at will.


Reduced Fees

By reducing the intermediaries involved, NYA via Wallchain can drastically reduce fees. Furthermore, using Wallchain means participants can end up on a variety of protocols. Using our service does not necessarily mean the gains of our users are diluted.

User Experience & Work Burden


  • Most centralized services have a complicated know-your-client (KYC) process and anti-money-laundering (AML) verifications. This can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Generally, the user interfaces are complex and try to liaise with multiple internal services the large platform provides. The average user may not be financially knowledgeable to navigate the technically convoluted landscape.
  • Because services are also unilaterally controlled for improved quality, unexpected fees can occur during account creation. It can be difficult for DeFi users to even choose between centralized aggregators since each has its specialization. As they get silently updated or modified, they must once again be re-evaluated by users.
  • Fluctuating interest rates and novel governance decisions can affect yield. This may not be reflected on dashboards and is usually only discovered afterwards by analysts. Therefore, informed decisions are difficult.


  • No KYC Requirement: For native yield abstraction, KYC is not required, and the user can remain anonymous.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Wallchain provides an extremely user-friendly, Web2-like experience. The interface is more plug-and-play, suitable even for beginners. Using our tools is intuitive, quick, and easy. All that is required is a standard EOA to create your adjunct AA wallet.
  • Optimized Opportunities: When the smart wallet’s customization is set, Wallchain curates for optimal opportunities in tandem with portfolio rebalancing. As a result, the user saves time, effort, and the added burdens of research. The stress of analyzing transactions, cross-referencing, and due diligence on protocol options is decreased.



  • Traditional EOA use private keys and mnemonic phrases for account access. Many centralized yield solutions also implement multi-party computation (MPC) methods for added security.
  • Large, yield aggregators will usually require identification documents to verify legitimate users. This KYC reduces client anonymity.
  • The governance of many platforms also require users to renounce control. This prevents certain operations by the user to occur unless conditions are met on the ecosystem. The DeFi account has restricted operations depending on outside factors and is further controlled by the centralized protocol.
  • If the system gets hacked, there is massive risk of compromising all connected accounts, including those which have been locked. Smart contract interactions on the same, compromised platform can expose weaknesses that hackers can exploit to access an account.


  • Customizable Security: The Wallchain curation checks viable protocols, beforehand, according to security and trust. Secure options are recommended for smart wallet interaction. This provides a layer of confidence.
  • Emergency Withdrawal: If a protocol is compromised, Wallchain activates an automatic emergency withdrawal to protect your funds. This reduces the likelihood of your AA wallet being drained. Your private EOA wallet is not directly interfaced with the compromised protocol.

Wallchain’s addition of smart wallet accounts allows users to customize their security, too. Wallets can be recovered that are held entirely in user custody. Side-accounts can be set up to express new access modes, and trustees can be sanctioned to manage the same wallet. This reinforces the versatility of management and access.