Create a wallet powered by Native Yield Abstraction that functions similarly to both a checking and savings account, with the exceptional benefit of always accessible funds.

Funds Are Always Accessible

Yield generation is fully automated through Account Abstraction, enabling the automatic depositing and withdrawal of holdings. This ensures funds are readily available for immediate use when needed. The system intelligently determines the optimal moments for depositing and withdrawal based on a variety of parameters.

Seamless Operations: An Example


Initiate the Transaction

A user decides to exchange 1,000 USDC for WETH. This action is triggered within the wallet, drawing from the user’s 10,000 USDC balance, which was previously deposited through our automatic yield protocol.



The Native Yield Abstraction system seamlessly orchestrates the withdrawal of 1,000 USDC needed for the transaction. This step is automated, requiring no manual intervention from the user.


Exchange and Re-depositing

Following the withdrawal, the exchange of 1,000 USDC for WETH is performed. Once the transaction is complete, the remaining balance continues to earn yield, as the system automatically deposits it back. This entire process is designed to be smooth and unnoticeable, ensuring a fluid user experience.

This process is designed to be so smooth that it becomes virtually unnoticeable during regular wallet interactions, ensuring a fluid user experience without the hassle of manual asset management.

As a result, users benefit from:

  • Continuously deposited holdings, maximizing their yield potential.
  • Compounded earnings, enhancing their return on investment.
  • The assurance that their money is passively working for them, even while they actively engage with their wallet, providing both peace of mind and financial benefits.