Users are Losing Billions of Dollars

While being inflationary assets, ETH, SOL, and stablecoins offer a 4-8% yield. By simply holding these assets, users are losing money to a form of inflation and yield opportunities.

Balance compounds automatically, and earns rewards on top

Habit from TradiFi: Having a savings account is already a foundational habit in TradiFi. According to a recent case study in the US, 48% of respondents have a high-yield savings account.

Wallchain brings a savings account experience to DeFi in the form of secure and high-yield-bearing wallet infrastructure.

Using wallets without Native Yield Abstraction (NYA) will be financially unproductive.

Monetization Step-up for Wallet Providers

One of the primary challenges for wallet providers is limited monetization options. Typically, revenue streams are confined to swap and on/off-ramp fees, overlooking the potential of idle assets. Yield-bearing wallet infra transforms these idle assets into a yield-generating mechanism akin to traditional banking deposits, thereby unlocking a substantial monetization channel with minimal integration effort and reduced risk.

New Business Model for Wallets and Apps

This yield makes it possible to create new business models for wallets, dApps, and games that are not yet possible. DApps can offer zero trading fees or even pay for user gas thanks to monetization through user’s yield.